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Inside Blowout Preventer

Inside Blowout Preventer

The proven inside preventer with Flocon’s unique dart and seat design offers superior downhole fluid flow. Simple, dependable and effective, the Flocon IBOP is your first line of defense against most inside blowout hazards. By preventing high-pressure backflow thru the drill string, the Flocon IBOP helps protect your crew, the swivel, standpipe and pumps, while drilling or tripping when seconds count.

Flocon’s IBOP can be run downhole, right through all conventional BOP stacks. It can be left in-line and run as deep as necessary while permitting drilling fluids to flow freely down the stem.

Heavy Duty Construction

The IBOP is built to withstand today’s heavier drill string loads, higher pressures (up to 15,000 psi), and abrasive extremes.  Internal sealing areas can be supplied with Inconel lined wear areas, and dart seating cavities for superior longevity.

Large Sealing Area

Flocon’s conical, case hardened 17-4 steel dart and durable self-energizing elastomer seat produce a positive seal with non-sticking characteristics. There is a Flocon IBOP model to fit all common tool joint and drill pipe specifications.

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