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“Class U” Ram Blowout Preventer

“Class U” Ram Blowout Preventer


  • Single
  • Dual


  • Design based upon widely used and proven Type U BOP design
  • Most widely used BOP design in the industry (aka Cameron Type)
  • Body styles available in Single, Double, Triple, Quad and other combinations upon request
  • Available in Flanged, Clamp and Studded Outlet styles as required
  • Large Bore Bonnets and Tandum Boosters available as required
  • Pipe Rams for Control Flow's "Class U" BOP’s are available to fit a wide variety of tubing, drill pipe, drill collar, and casing sizes
  • All BOPS and Rams are suitable for H2S sour gas service per NACE MR-01-75
  • CFI Type U Rams are self-feeding with a large reserve of elastomers to ensure long-lasting sealing capability under all conditions
  • Ram packer lock into place and cannot be dislodged by well flow
  • Control Flow’s Shearing Rams shear the pipe in the hole to allow quick sealing in the event of unexpected downhole pressure or conditions
  • Shearing capabilities for CFI Type U BOP’s vary with the style of ram bonnets and/or boosters
  • Seals and parts availability worldwide
  • Parts and seals interchange with other Type U BOP’s

Data Sheet

CFI BOP Units Produced

CFI Type U BOP Specifications

A-1 Length, bonnets closed locking screws in

A-2 Length, bonnets open, locking screws in

A-3 Length, bonnets closed, with wedgelocks

A-4 Length, bonnets open with wedgelocks

B-1 Height, API flange single

B-2 Height, clamp hub single

C Width, no side outlets

CFI Type U Blowout Preventer Side & Top

CFI Type U Blowout Preventer Double Side View

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